Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Break....

Christmas Break is here!!!!!  Joe and I are really looking forward to spending lots of time together as a family!  We are planning on going tubing up at Hoodoo....The Kiddos will love this!  They are finally at good ages where they will last a little longer out in the cold....We are also planning on going to the Zoo...we have been there a lot this year b/c of the zoo pass we purchased and every time we have a is nice to have a little bit of down time...Between our schedules, Joe and I have been passing the kiddos off so I can go set-up at my shows...He has been super supportive and has been doing most of the grocery shopping lately to help me out!  I hope everyone has a wonderful break and gets lots of good quality family time!

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  1. Oh I'm glad you moved to blogspot! Your family plans sound so fun for Christmas break, I miss having my girls little like yours - enjoy because before you know it they're teenagers (still fun but sooo different!)
    Your booth at Monticello looked great, did look like you'd sold a lot when I was there again last week. Martha and I have had a very good show so far, ready to pick up what's left on Mon!
    Have a very Merry Christmas,