Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Things are always a changin' in this house....

no fear of holes in my walls, moving things from wall to wall, or re-painting a piece of furniture, some pieces have been three different colors, changing from home to home....I do not need to spend money to freshen things up....I am sure my husband is happy things have not changed for the last few months...He is a great guy though because he lets 

me do my thing and just jokes that we should probably change things around because it has already been a a result, my kiddos are un-phased at changes in the house and will tell me if they like them or not:)  Here are just a few examples of how things have changed....


  1. I'm a fairly new follower, but I have loved all your posts....I mentioned you in my most recent post as someone who inspired my decorating :)

    And I love that I'm not the only one who changes things up ALL THE BLINKING TIME!

  2. Do you have a post on how you did your kitchen cabinets - I love the look of the white-wash with the black. I've been threatening to paint my kitchen island black for years - and I think 2010 might be my year!

  3. Hi,
    I used some TSP to take some of the sheen off.....You just wipe them down with this.... Then hand sand them a little bit to take more of the sheen off and it roughs them up so the paint will stick...You can wipe them down again.... The amount depends on the cabinets honestly... Fortunately my cabinets were already kind of a rough surface and not slick....Then paint with a good primer that grips....Especially if you are painting white...i must admit, I did not prime my cabinets... The black just covers really well and where it rubs off along the edges (I like it for the antiqued look). The blue I also did not prime, but it might be even more durable if I did.... I did put a walnut stain over the top to antique the blue so the stain was also a sealer which helped.... Hope this helps.... if you do paint I would love to see your before's and after's.....Chandra

  4. Thanks for the deets. I will definitely be taking before and after pics. Any recommendations on where to get inexpensive hardware? I'm astounded at how much those little handles are! (no wonder no one ever changed them out in 15 years!)

  5. You know it is totally hard to find good hardware...I actually just bought mine at Lowes...that is what cost the most...Target carries hardware now...or online....Look forward to seeing the changes:) Thanks, Chandra