Friday, January 8, 2010

Bye Bye sweet furniture....I will miss you....

I love fixing up furniture ... I am so excited when someone loves something I have created and wants to purchase it for their own home.  But sometimes, just sometimes I am a little sad....I can get attached to my pieces, I have favorites, and love how some of them turn out....Like the red dresser you will see below, the perfect red, the perfect lines!  The black hutch that was oh soooo hideous before, the black gun cabinet transformed with glass door and toile fabric into a sweet hall tree.  It is so much fun, but sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I could  keep them for a while...and sometimes I do, the ones I won't let go of:)


  1. Girl, you are so talented. What gifts you have. Love looking around.

  2. Stunning pieces. I have refurbed quite a few craigslist finds, using them in the house for awhile, then reselling them. I always miss them for sentimental reasons too, even if they don't fit in or with my house!

    Love every one of your posts....:)

  3. Thanks Amy and Cindy :) Cindy I do that too, keep them for a while and then resell them....I rearranged my whole upper living area for that red dresser for a while...Bringing in a little red again, but I am just not a red girl anymore, love my beachy colors...So I said goodbye to her:) Thanks to both of you for always taking the time to say such nice encouraging words:) Chandra