Monday, January 4, 2010

It is in the details...the little things...

Old screens, old photos, dollar store topiaries transformed, vintage linens, empty frames...these are a few of my favorite things....It doesn't have to cost a lot to make something look pretty, to create a vingette that is pleasing to the eye...It is in the little details...keeping with the same color and theme,  grouping items that are all the same color but vary in size, shape, and texture...can be so nice to look at...Be creative...change things... try things... move things...I often try a variety of groupings before it looks just right to me... It is fun to play...create vingettes that make you happy, things that have a story, special meaning to you, or things you just love....It doesn't have to look like you took it from a magazine, it needs to look like you ...It is so fun to create a home that is pleasing to your eye....home is a special place, for me a place to create, it is my art palatte,  it is in the details and the little things, all together making your house your lets go create....
Have a shabberific day,  Chandra

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