Saturday, January 2, 2010

She will be a beauty....Look at those lines....

Hi- I am a pretty little loveseat/chair that was sitting on the road for FREE!!!!! I have pretty lines and will be beautiful someday....  I have been chewed on by a dog, have dog hair all over....What did he think I was a chew toy?  I am dingy, but was dry and did not stink too bad...My new owner Mrs. Shabby to Chic happened to be driving along and was stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me...Fortunately the back of her Suburban was empty and there was plenty of room for me to find my home with her....She has big plans for me this spring....She plans to tear off my dingy fabric, paint my wood a cremey white and shabby it up,  She plans to cover me in either large black and creme buffalo check fabric or a nice white or taupe linen fabric....Time will decide....As for me I am glad I no longer get chewed on daily and will now become the pretty lady I was intended to be.........Stay tuned for my trash to treasure Makeover.

1 comment:

  1. oh the endless gorgeous possiblities...why can't I find something like that....? Not fair, can't wait to see the after.