Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some of the things I have been busy with....

Here are some of my friends at one of our cottage sales....You can't see all of our treasures that are in front of them in the yard...I actually put this picture up so you could see some of the things I  have been busy with...I of course could not find a good before picture of the house b/c sadly I forgot to take one...So notice the brown garage doors, unpainted front door, no shutters, and big bushes in front of the house....Some of the things I have been busy with while the hubster is at work and in between the rain showers here in Oregon are...Garage doors now white, black shutters up, front door now black...trim around front door white, three bushes in the front of the house are now pulled out....Did this by was pouring down rain....tied a rope to one end of the bush and one end to my suburban...put the truck in 4WD, as recommended by my brother who owns his own landscaping business...and pulled them out one at a time....I was covered in mud and I am sure all of the passerby's got a real kick out of me!  The kids thought it was great fun to watch!  Will post more later, just think, wallpaper, ect...that is my next chore...ugh...yes, there were parts of this house that remained un-photographed or shared on this blog, well, because they were still in need of some beautification and at least the process is being started and will be completed shortly in the near future!  Will keep you posted as our progress continues...Chandra

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