Friday, January 1, 2010

Trenton is 4 years old today....

My little guy is 4 years old today....What a sweetie...He had a wonderful birthday party last night with all of his cousins and friends...They had a night full of foam sword and light saber wars, no tears were shed, I think they were all on the same team fighting off the "bad guys."  This little boy has changed a lot this last 4 months and his daddy and I have seen him begin to move into more of a big boy.  He loves pre-school and has been begging to go each day of this Christmas break, he loves swords b/c of the Veggie tales, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, loves football, basketball, and baseball...What a joy he is and I am so grateful that God gave me the honor to raise this guy....Some funny stories more for me to remember as I look back on this throughout the years....All day yesterday he was calling his Pinata we bought him for the party a "yanessa"  not sure why....We corrected him and he continued to call it "Yanessa..."  Until the party that is and we said " Trenton are you ready for the pinata, and we said can you tell everyone it is time for the pinata...(secretly hoping to hear the funny word he had named it, for a smile from everyone)  but he announced  very slowly and deliberatly P.......i.....n......a........t.......a........completely clear....He cracks me up....Happy Birthday my big 4 year old boy!

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  1. What a precious little boy you have. Four is such a fun age! You are so right, God truly blesses us with our children. Mine just grew way to fast....sniff.....

    I love the pictures of your decorating and look forward to seeing more. Have a blessed New Year!

    ~ Nan