Friday, February 5, 2010

In Between The Projects We have had some adventures....

Salamanders....I love Salamanders....Growing up on a mountain, one of my favorite thing to do as a child was to go to our neighbors pond and catch salamanders!  What great little pets for the day, they are nice, don't scratch or bite, and let you carry them around....Well, my kiddos love little creatures, but unfortunately up at my parents house there are no longer many salamanders, so they have not experienced this fun adventure...Until we went with our friends to their land out in the woods....They were all over, literally crawling everywhere....The kiddos would carry around two or three at a time!  We had a wonderful day, hiking, catching salamanders, throwing sticks in the pond, and then sitting around a campfire for some yummy s'mores! It was a wonderful day and a much needed break from the projects around this household!  We look forward to going back soon....As the kiddos have asked daily after this, "Can we go see the salamanders today?  They miss us!"  I love those kiddos!

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