Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Sweet Nayelie.....

I am up early this AM with my sweet little girl who has the stomach flu.....poor girl!   
I am so thankful for my little sweetheart....She is such a kind, giving, loving girl....She plays with her brother for hours.....using lots of barbies, super hero's, and littlest pet shop character's in these elaborate play schemes....She loves Kindergarten, is reading books, loves writing, and loves, I mean loves to draw and create.....wonder where she gets that creative gene from?????  She is curious about all things, I love that she dresses herself and often chooses to wear layered skirts or dresses over jeans or leggings...., I love that she can wear her dress-up heals and hold a beetle, squirmy wormy, or frog in the other hand,  I love that she can ride her bike down hills and down the bike jumps with her brother but also loves to sing and dance to broadway musicals in the living room with her mama...(ha,ha), you know you would like to see that!.....

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