Monday, March 1, 2010

Sorry it has been so long.....Here is what I have been busy with....

Well the reason I have not blogged recently is the crazy, busy, long-list of to-do's....BECAUSE....We have decided to put our house on the market....You know those things/projects that you have just not gotten around to... and well after fixing up 3 previous homes, bank repo, flip house, and our rental that used to be a 70's charmer with orange carpet and silver foil wallpaper in the last 5 years.... some rooms just could wait because I did not have the energy or the motivation/creative direction for those spaces yet....But in order to put your house on the market especially in this economy you have to make the house shine....So here is a slideshow.... it shows you some of the bathrooms, which, had wallpaper stripped of them (which took HOURS)...., new tile flooring, newly textured walls, paint, and my pride and joy the board and batten treament I added to the walls in our bedroom...after hours of scraping wall paper in the bathroom, we opted to cover up the rest and I just love how the wall turned out! We also have been adding bark-a-mulch to the yard, removing some blackberry bushes from the creek... which on 1.38 acres takes some/ a lot of time!....planting flowers, got a load of gravel for the driveway, ect.....We shall see if she sells if not, at least everything is done and I can enjoy it....but, I have to say, I am excited for the new adventure and whatever plan God has in store for us.... Thanks, Chandra..... OH....The last photos are some of the before pictures so you can appreciate the wall paper:) and cabinets...


  1. Hi Sweetie,

    Where did you put all your stuff...Looks super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Miss ya

  2. You have been busy. Everything looks beautiful.

  3. Hey Julie and Thanks Amy:)
    Julie all of my stuff is in the garage....The garage is not sooo pretty!!!! It is pretty Jam packed:) Ha, Ha....staging means clearing stuff out and opening up spaces, so between some of my stuff from inside my house and my sale stuff and the tent trailer the garage is packed:) Hope the potential buyers can see past that:)