Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I have been busy with....

Sorry it has been a while since I posted....I have been busy enjoying life....relaxing some....hanging out lots with some lovely new friends....spending lots of time with my kiddos....catching riding...birthday parties...a surprise party I organized for my husband...had to throw in the silly shot of him (he is the one with his head sideways)....time shopping with my sister and mom....In general having a great time...just leaving little time to blog or shabby chicify summer arrives, I will be showing you some of my new treasures since I will be having a few cottage sales at my home and will be participating in Molly Mo's wonderful sale in August.....Have a great week....Chandra

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  1. You take the best pictures. Sounds like you've been having so much fun and I can't wait for your sales! I am soooooo excited for our show in Aug, the postcard is going to the printers this week!

    Take care,