Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Advantages of Blogging....

You know I didn't anticipate having a blog would be kind of like a journal...I have never been good about putting my thoughts and experiences on paper, but this allows me to create a journal or a snippet of what was happening in my life at that moment...Although, I don't blog everyday and my posts are short...I have photos and memories to share...Whether it is decorating, things happening in my life, or family memories and photos of my kiddos...I can look back on this and remember what life looked like at that time...I am excited to continue on with this so many years from now I can read my "journal" and reminisce about how time has flown by and how little my children were and laugh at the funny moments...Well that is my thought for the night...Looking forward to documenting more of those memories...till then....Chandra

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