Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Photography Blog....

Hey There,
I just wanted to remind everyone about my photography blog....That one is updated more often since that business has really taken off....I am finding myself doing less and less of the furniture....I will be participating in sales here and there but will not be pursuing it like before.....I am busy with photoshoots :)  Which makes me smile:)  The link is....   I would love you to join me there:)  Thanks so much, Chandra

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nayelie Modeling in Portland for Lillipops Designs w/ The AMAZING Photographer Shannon Sewell...

So Nayelie and her Best Friend Ruby got the opportunity to model for Lillipops designs in Portland OR....Let me tell you I was beyond excited for her and for me as well:)  You See Shannon is a "famous" photographer!  Seriously she was recently featured on the Framed show...She has an amazing studio and does tons of commercial work in her photography...She is super creative and it was a dream to watch her work....The amazing this about Shannon was her ability to be so calm and easy-going with the girls which made it a super fun and relaxing shoot for the girls!  She even had special treats for each of them:)  Nayelie did an awesome job and she had a great time!  She was very happy it was nice and warm inside the studio, unlike some other the other shoots she has had to do outside:)  Here is her post on her blog featuring the shoot....Just click on the link:)