Sunday, April 17, 2011

Nayelie Modeling in Portland for Lillipops Designs w/ The AMAZING Photographer Shannon Sewell...

So Nayelie and her Best Friend Ruby got the opportunity to model for Lillipops designs in Portland OR....Let me tell you I was beyond excited for her and for me as well:)  You See Shannon is a "famous" photographer!  Seriously she was recently featured on the Framed show...She has an amazing studio and does tons of commercial work in her photography...She is super creative and it was a dream to watch her work....The amazing this about Shannon was her ability to be so calm and easy-going with the girls which made it a super fun and relaxing shoot for the girls!  She even had special treats for each of them:)  Nayelie did an awesome job and she had a great time!  She was very happy it was nice and warm inside the studio, unlike some other the other shoots she has had to do outside:)  Here is her post on her blog featuring the shoot....Just click on the link:)

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